Are you using QuickBooks Go-Payment mobile app with check deposit?

A QuickBooks mobile app makes sense when you save your own and your staff’s time as well as reduce the working capital needed to finance your small business.  Any of these advances can give you an advantage over your bigger competitors. The sales, billing and collection process is one area that may offer opportunities. The […]

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Can a sole proprietor deduct losses?

One of the benefits enjoyed by a sole proprietor is their ability to use the category of loss known as a “net operating loss” to reduce  taxable income. When a sole proprietor suffers a business loss, you first offset any current income with that loss. Amy loss in excess of current income becomes a net […]

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Have you reported Foreign Assets to the IRS and Treasury properly?

Taxpayers with foreign financial accounts or foreign financial assets have filing responsibilities that should not be overlooked. There are two primary IRS international reporting forms required for individuals to disclose their interests in foreign accounts or foreign assets: 1) Treasury Form TD F 90-22.1, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (“FBAR”) for foreign accounts, and 2) […]

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