Do you really know how to apply a credit memo, credit or refund for a customer?

Credit memos, credits and refunds can be confusing, so here is some information that will help explain the differences.  Sometimes, the wrong type of transaction is used.  If that is the case, you may need to delete the transaction and re-enter. What’s the difference between a credit memo, credit and a refund? A credit memo is a […]

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Same sales bookkeeping questions every month? That’s insanity and you know what that means!

  It may be time to adopt a new Best Practice – Posting Sales to the General Ledger At STENSON Bookkeeping Simplified we hear that one of the biggest headaches for many bookkeeping departments is when confidence in the financial records starts to erode…especially in sales reporting! It often starts with…”those sales can’t be right, […]

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