John Mottram,  the founder and CEO of STENSON – Bookkeeping Simplified has created a bookkeeping and back-office services  company that gives small and medium sized business owners  high quality financial and operating reports they needed at a fixed and reasonable cost.

High quality, fixed, reasonable cost bookkeeping and back-office services is made possible by communication and software technology  that was previously  only available to larger companies.

Founder and CEO, Mottram,  felt passionately about his life’s work and noticed how business performance improved when the owners of the company received and used simple to understand financial and business control reports received on a regular basis.

He also saw how using best practices with a focus on easy to implement processes was able to keep overall  bookkeeping and back-office costs well below the average in any specific industry. This allowed business owners more cash to invest in marketing and strategic initiatives in order to invest in their bottom-line objectives.

Mottram also noted that business owners want control of their financial processes when using an outsourced processing company.  With the use of software that is readily available in the mass-market place with online access to data 24/7, the business owner can decide exactly the level of support to be outsourced as well as the level of activity to be kept in-house.

In addition you can keep your own CPA or CPA Firm.  STENSON – Bookkeeping Simplified will work with your CPA and CPA Firm to ensure there are no  year-end surprises and to keep their high fees in check.


The mission of STENSON – Bookkeeping Simplified  is  to  provide  continuously improving  bookkeeping, back-office processing and QuickBooks Help at a lower cost and with significantly higher quality than can be accomplished with an in-house solution.

The STENSON – Bookkeeping Simplified  value proposition includes:

  • A fast and low set-up cost when coming on board with STENSON – BookKeeping Simplified,
  • A process that allows the client to remain in control of their data and process controls,
  • The flexibility to change the mix of outsourced and in-house processes with the minimum of cost and time.
  • Guaranteed Service – you don’t pay if you are not 100% satisfied


The STENSON – Bookkeeping Simplified  strategies for delivering this high value service that embodies high quality, low cost and  flexibility of use, are:

  • The rigorous selection of high quality staff that are fully background checked and motivated to continuously improve their performance,
  • The appointment of a dedicated Bookkeeper Associate and a BookKeeper  Senior for each client and a that means  there is continuity of personnel  for our clients at all times,
  • Use of mass-market, top-of class software that is widely available worldwide that is continuously being updated.
  • Use of best practices to deliver a consistent quality and timely level of service.