How to use our services

You can select from any one of our services depending on which processes you want to outsource and how much you want to retain internally.

For example you can use our Vendor Bill, Accounts Payable and Settlement process and synchronize the transactions into your own bookkeeping or accounting services. You don’t have to use our Bookkeeping services.

This also applies to any of the services we provide. You can select single or multiple services and still obtain significant benefits of outsourcing administrative services to Stenson LLC. We can handle:

  • Daily, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual an annual timetables
  • Catch-up and single task projects.
  • Accounting system start-up tasks.
  • Customize services that meet your special needs for reporting, presentation and timetable.

You remain in control of the process with our team sharing with you all ‘best practice’ processes and updates in the areas of bookkeeping and office administrative processes so that you have up-to-date, quality controlled and efficient methods to achieve your business objectives.

How we work together

The process is largely conducted through a designated Associate that will be assigned to you  and will work closely with you or a staff member of yours.

A Senior Associate managers a number of Associates so that you have the confidence that your work is being completed fully and you are protected from all work interruptions.

You provide us with a  transaction processing and reporting timetable and an outline of the number and specific types of transactions that you need us to complete.

A Bookkeeping reporting timetable is established that includes the presentation and format of the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cashflow.  We will also include additional bookkeeping and operational reports that focus on the critical elements of your business. We provide trend and ratio reports with comparative reports for companies operating in your industry or sector.

Then it’s simple! You upload supporting data and any special transaction instructions to a secure server that you control and that we have access to on a password controlled basis.

All of this can be set-up with our trained and qualified staff in a few days.

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